Sunday, February 9, 2020

Week in review

I finished my third Blender52 entry, my second ever attempt at modeling a character and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Basic shapes and keeping it simple helps. The model is based on my bird which is featured here on my blog and also some business cards. I tried sculpting his beak a bit but it wasn't working out to my liking. The legs also challenged me in the sense that I modeled them too thin but found a way to add some more volume thanks to some handy modifiers.

I'm looking forward to making more like this, the style appeals to me.

It's back to uni for Trimester 2 of my Bachelor of Design, so I was fairly preoccupied with that for the week. We are about to have projects out the wazoo as usual and I'm feeling pretty optimistic about what we have so far. Updates to come.

Here's a few tidbits I created in my free time...

Li'l marshmallow of joy (Procreate)

A new header for some of my social spaces because I'm getting a bit bored of the old ones. This was fun and bright and colourful. The one below is the original "sketch", but I decided I didn't like the patterns or colours.

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