Thursday, October 10, 2019

My first look at Cinema 4D

In the not-too-distant past, I stumbled across a short film with an aesthetic that I absolutely adored. It was in the same vein of crafting a handmade look via digital means and the artist had used Cinema 4D to do it.

Know a Whale - Everfresh (Vimeo)
I'd heard of it but never tried using it, my previous efforts with these kinds of programs had been a bit of a bungle and quite frustrating with the steep learning curve. But given my newly appointed student status and the fact that it's free for the duration of my studies, I thought I'd download it and try it out.

These are my first ever Cinema 4D renders. Both mashed together with a bunch of tutorials from YouTube and Skillshare. I really struggled to find render settings I liked, but this is closer than before. I'm impressed with the ease of effort (not no effort, mind you) that lighting and rendering a scene required, rookie or not.

And well, it's taken me less time to learn how to do these, than it has in Maya, Max, or Blender and maybe all of them combined. I'm quite smitten and look forward to seeing what I can do with it in my studies (and now I'm really regretting choosing Constructivism for my research topic).

To sum up though... this really is me when it comes to making things like this...

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Cut-out animations using Stop Motion Studio

Oh boy. Right now I have a lot on my plate. And lately I am challenged to think about what is driving me, that I want to be more conscious of the choices I am making, to consider whether those choices are really necessary.

It's also been lesson for me in realising what to say "no" to when it comes to commissions and work. There was a point where I was...
  • walking dogs in the morning
  • going to uni during the day
  • coming home to eat
  • going to a part time job
  • or doing freelance work/commissions
Needless to say, I was exhausted. Starting uni has been the biggest impact. It's a lot of fun, but the workload is mammoth and my time for many other things has suddenly disappeared into the aether!

But somehow I manage to find time to do things other that what needs doing. Part of it is ADHD, part of it is just being a human being I think. If you haven't heard of it, look up the Akrasia Effect. You may find yourself identifying with it more than you thought.

Anyway, it's October and Inktober is in full swing for a lot of creatives around the globe. Some people are following the original prompt list by Jake Parker, the daddy of Inktober. Some make up their own themes to steer them through a month of daily creative efforts. One of them is a circus theme and I gotta tell you, I really do love the circus.

I love the vibrant colours and all the crazy things that cirque people do (not the animal trainers though). And I wondered to myself... how can I do this consistently and not get bogged down by extra complications? Turns out that's not viable at all, but here are a few things I attempted to make based off the circus theme for Inktober (see link below).

I made short little cut-out animations using Stop Motion Studio Pro on my iPhone. It's available on iOS and Android. We used it to complete a project just last week at uni and I was kinda hooked with the idea.

The elements were drawn with ink and copic markers on printer paper and cut out, then put against a green screen where I was able to add a background in the application. Turns out you need some better lighting to not get so much patchiness, but it served its purpose for the experiments.

This one was a test of conscious choices. I originally wanted him to have green hair then realized the error of my ways. Green would be keyed out by the app! So I changed that and the green spots on the car to blue and purple. Problem solved!

I have only done a little stop motion, everything else is hand drawn or done in After Effects on the computer. There's also little to no planning with the timing. So it looks quite primitive compared to my other work, but I am learning and having fun. That's ok by me!

Check out my instagram for the experiments in motion as they happen. Let me know what you think!